Arlee Jenkin's Seminar- 
Contact Barbara Meckes to sign up for these wonderful Seminar's with National Artist Arlee Jenkins on Sept. 15th & 16th. See photos on right.
Both are acrylics- but Saturday's Sleigh has an oil overlay.
We need our members to STEP UP and volunteer for one of the positions coming up next year. If you haven't served yet- it's YOUR time to step up and help. Positions opening for 2018:
- President
- Vice-President
- 2nd Vice (membership)
- Secretary
- Community Service
 Please contact- Charlotte Raitt

Community Service Project- 
We will be donating a Christmas tree to the local Animal Shelter next year for them to raffle off with ornaments we paint. Please think of ornaments you can do with a pet theme. You can paint some now and give them to Karen. We will paint more at our January meeting.
Thank you!

*Please don't forget that every meeting we donate

can goods to the local food pantry.





Photo Album

Oct.Seminar- Preserving leaves to paint on