Other Chapter Web Sites

Below is a list of some other CHAPTERS - PLEASE LOOK AT THEIR WEB SITES to see if there is anything of interest to you-(like one of their seminars or programs) if so contact them.  EVERY CHAPTER WOULD LOVE TO SEE NEW FACES.  

Brandywine Decorative Painters - http://brandywinedecorativepainters.clicksitebuilder.com

Delmarva Decorative Artists - http://www.delmarvadecorativeartists.com/index.html

Bel Air Decorative Painters - http://badp.web.officelive.com

Southern Maryland Decorative Painters - www.smdpaint.org

Del -Val Decorative painters - www.delvaldecorativepainters.com

Keystone State Decorative Painters - www.keystonesdp.webs.com

Lehigh Valley Decorative - www.lehighvalleydecorativepainters.web.com

New JerseyGoldfinch Chapter - www.goldfinchpainters.com

Penns Woods Painters - www.pennswoodspainters.com

Panhandle Painters - www.mrcraftsandclasses.com