Monthly Meetings have been postponed until further Notice but we're trying to work on some upcoming

Zoom classes & meetings for the future.

Our first Zoom class will be Karen Schaffert teaching us how to paint her "First Robin of Spring" April 23rd 12pm- 3pm. Contact Karen for pattern/directions to be emailed to you. 

Call or email Fran Prebish or Karen Schaffert to sign up. Fran will give you all the easy info on how to sign up to Zoom and how to login to the class.

2021 Community Service Project

We have 500 masks to paint for Vets, nursing homes, and more. Masks can be picked up & returned to at American Ribbon Manufacturers in Stroudsburg. Each bag you take has 10 plus one extra for you to keep.

Anything can be painted on the masks keeping in mind they are for both men & women. Contact Fran if you'd like easy patterns/directions (see picture below to right) or paint your own.


We now have our own Facebook page!

To join go to:

Pocono Painters of Northern PA

To view more info about a certain day- just click on that day on the calendar below and another window will pop up with more information- like what you'll need to bring for that class, etc.
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News and Events

Some of the finished pieces of our 1st Zoom class! 22 sign ups!
Some samples of Masks for community service painted by Fran