Membership Name Badges-

To encourage members to wear their badges there will be a drawing most months for prizes taken from that months sign in sheet. If your name is picked & you're wearing your badge-you win a fun prize! If your name is picked but you're badge-less-shame on you-no prize!

Call Karen/membership, if you need a replacement badge. $2 fee.

2018 Luncheon- 

The Luncheon will be at the Pocono Kalahari Resort again
Theme for 2018 is Florida 
Please contact Rocky or Joan V. to volunteer to help- we need you to help make sure we have a successful 2018 luncheon.
Centerpiece painters, Ticket Container painters, etc., are needed-please help.

Thank you for being a part of our Chapter and stepping up to Volunteer-your help- helps to keep us strong!
To view more info about a certain day- just click on that day on the calendar below and another window will pop up with more information- like what you'll need to bring for that class, etc.
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News and Events

Feb.Program-Bunny Plate
March Luncheon Favors