If you have an inquiry please contact the correct person to ensure you obtain the answer you need -emails & phone numbers are in your membership book. Non-members please use the contact page on this web site.


2019 Board Members:


President- Charlotte Raitt


1st Vice-President- Linda Koehler

2nd Vice-President- Fran Prebish:- Membership


Secretary- Helen Hilborn


Treasurer- Nadine Lawless

Newsletter Editor- Betty Henry  

Past President Advisor- Eddiejo Herbst

Web Master- Karen Schaffert


2019 LUNCHEON - Kalahari Sun. Oct.


Luncheon Chair        Fran Prebish
Co-Chair                   Karen Schaffert 

Quilt                          Bernice Rauch       

Furniture Pc.             Marlene Fudge    

Christmas Tree         Rocky Puchalski MDA             

Basket Chair                 

Raffle Tickets            Charlotte Raitt          

Chinese Auction          

Art Contest               Joan Leonard & Betty Henry

Luncheon Tickets     Nancy Pitcher   


SUNSHINE GIRLS - Carol Carrodus & Joan Boyer

* If you know of anything that has transpired to any member or member family please contact


Ways &Means- Alice Tucci

Community Service- Karen Schaffert


Kitchen- Linda Koehler