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2021 Luncheon Update 

Because of all that's happening with the Covid-19 this year, the Board has voted it would be best to postpone the luncheon until next year 2022
The theme will still be:
"It's Raining Cats & Dogs"
The Luncheon will be held next year 2022 in October and we hope to have it at Mount Airy Casino Resort like we had planned
We still have some chair positions to be filled-please help and volunteer- new members are encouraged to help join the fun! The positions come with easy guidelines & support.
-We need someone to take the painted auction pieces & set up the day of, & someone to help them.
-We need someone to paint the furniture raffle piece as well as another member to paint one of the raffle ticket containers
-Someone to paint an Appreciation Prize

Please contact Karen Schaffert or Linda Cohen if you can help or have any questions about these positions.
Thank You!
Thank you!


2021 Board Members:


President- Charlotte Raitt


1st Vice-President- Linda Koehler

2nd Vice-President- Fran Prebish:- Membership


Secretary- Joan Van Meerbeke


Treasurer- Nadine Lawless

Newsletter Editor- Karen Schaffert 

Past President Advisor- Eddiejo Herbst

Web Master- Karen Schaffert


2020 LUNCHEON-Sun. Oct. 25th,11:00-3pm at Mt. Airy Casino Resort, Mt. Pocono


Luncheon Chair        Karen Schaffert
Co-Chair                   Linda Cohen        

Furniture Pc.             

Christmas Tree         Bernice Rauch             

Basket Chair             Nadine Lawless    

Raffle Tickets            Charlotte Raitt          

Chinese Auction          

Art Contest                Sharon McArdle

Luncheon Tickets      Nancy Pitcher 

Auction Tickets          Fran Prebish & Friends  



* If you know of anything that has transpired to any member or member family please contact Joan VanMeerbeke - secretary

 Ways &Means- Beth Martinez

Community Service


Kitchen- Linda Koehler